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Leggings organic Cotton

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Recycled Claim Standard
Promoted by Textile Exchange, one of the most important international non-profit organizations for
responsible and sustainable development in the textile sector.
The standard recognizes the importance of recycling for the growth of a sustainable production and
consumption model, with the aim of promoting the reduction of resource consumption (virgin raw
materials, water and energy).

It guarantees:
- Products containing at least 5% pre-consumer and postconsumer recycled material
- Manufacturing activities and processes through which the recycled material is used to create intermediate products (for
example: yarns and fabrics) or finished products intended for the consumer, which use models and management procedures that comply with the established requirements.

Better Cotton Initiative
Uses a holistic approach towards sustainable cotton cultivation by covering the three main
pillars of sustainability - environmental, social and economic - through a program of
involvement and education of farmers;

- responsible use of water
- respect for the territory, the land, its biodiversity aimed at an ever greater fertility of the soil
- limited and correct use of harmless pesticides and fertilizers
- respect for people and their working conditions

Oeko-Tex Confidence in textiles
The Oeko-Tex® brand guarantees certified products free from substances harmful to health. Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is an
internationally recognized certification institute and the world's leading brand for the wholesomeness of fabrics.

• certifies the control of the product and the absence of chemicals and dyes harmful to health, or presumed to be so.
• ensures consumers textile products free from substances harmful to health.

The certification is granted after product approval tests and
tests conducted by an independent body and including all
the materials present in the product

Organic 100
Organic Content Standard is a textile certification that guarantees the biological (organic) origin of a textile fiber. This
certification model is applicable exclusively to natural fabrics (of vegetable or animal origin), and in particular to organic cotton,
certainly the most widespread fiber of biological origin in the textile sector.

Organic Content 100: when the fabric contains at least 95% organic fiber.
The Organic Content 100 certification deserves our attention, since a textile product composed of 95% organic fibers is
certainly useful for reducing the environmental impact of the textile sector on our planet.

The Organic Content Standard certification is a project of Textile Exchange, an international non-profit association, which works to
guide the textile sector towards a more sustainable fashion.